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HVAC Services


APEC-MEP is a full service company providing following services for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Data Centers:


  • Design, Permit, Installation, and Equipment Sales

  • Maintenance/Repair

  • Installation of New Equipment, replacing old equipment

  • Scheduled Maintenance Services

  • System and performance checks and tune-up

  • Duct and delivery cleaning, furnace and Coils cleaning, filter replacement, etc.

Commercial HVAC Installation and Replacement


As a commercial property owner, there are numerous ways in which you can care for property. When it comes time to install or replace an HVAC system, though, it is absolutely necessary that you schedule service with our skilled, qualified, commercial HVAC professional. There is simply no way that anyone other than a qualified technician can complete the service properly.

Commercial HVAC systems are far too large and much too complex to take any risks with unqualified technicians. Call us today to discuss your commercial HVAC installation options.


If your existing commercial HVAC equipment can no longer keep your space comfortable with the efficiency and reliability you deserve we will assess your system, and if we determine that you are in need of a commercial HVAC replacement, we will complete the installation of your replacement equipment with the skill and expertise that defines our service. Contact us if you have any concerns about the condition or operation of your commercial heating and cooling equipment.

All heating and air conditioning systems are pushed to the limit at some point or another. Commercial HVAC equipment, though, is under real pressure almost around the clock. No matter what type of environment your commercial HVAC equipment is heating and cooling, your clients, employees, tenants and any other visitors to your commercial property expect a certain level of comfort. Can your commercial HVAC system live up to their expectations? When you work with our commercial HVAC technicians at APEC, you’ll have no doubt about it. Contact us today to discuss the outstanding commercial HVAC services we have to offer.

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