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Just because California is a warm, comfortable place to live for much of the year does not mean that you can afford to take any chances with the quality or condition of your home heating system. It is not going to be hot out all year long, and when the temperature drops, it is necessary to have a quality heating system you can rely on. When you schedule your heating installation, repair and maintenance services with the qualified APEC's heating professionals, you can be sure that your heater will be there for you when you need it most.

Contact us today to learn more about the heating options available for installation in your home.


You need to know that you are getting the best performance that your heating system has to offer. That is only possible when your heating system gets off to a great start. Schedule your heating installation with us to ensure that your heater will provide you with the consistent, effective heating service you deserve. From furnaces to heat pumps, hybrid heating systems and ductless mini splits, we have a great selection of heaters for you to choose from. Call our heating installation technicians today to discuss your possibilities.


Do you have an old heating system that no longer operates effectively or reliably?

Discuss it with us to give you the best possible service for heating replacement. Just because your heater is not in use quite as much as your AC does not mean that it is not equally as important to your comfort. Do not spend too much money for too little heating output in your home. Schedule your heating replacement with us to get the great performance you deserve from your new heating system.

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